Saturday, 23 January 2021


The Government has introduced new national protocols to allow non-clinicians to administer the currently available vaccines.

The Government aims to recruit and train many thousands of volunteers to administer the vaccine and help it meet its mass immunisation targets.

Volunteers who meet the criteria in the protocols for 'required characteristics of persons' for administering the vaccine will be indemnified under CNSGP (clinical negligence scheme for general practice).



The volunteer has to:

  • be between the age of 18 and 69
  • have at least two or more A-levels or equivalent
  • be at low risk of COVID-19
  • be prepared to undergo a reference check.


Healthcare professionals

The law was recently amended to allow registered healthcare professionals who do not normally vaccinate to safely administer a licensed or temporarily authorised COVID-19 or flu vaccine. This includes:

  • paramedics
  • physiotherapists
  • student doctors and nurses
  • doctors and nurses working outside the NHS
  • people who are not registered healthcare professionals.